Monday, September 1, 2008

Wardrobe Help for Men

How many times have you gone shopping and walked out empty handed? It happens to the best of us. To build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, you must first figure out your lifestyle needs. Active wear, business attire, or causal wear? Which one are you focusing on when shopping? Once you're armed with a direction, you have to know your wants as well as your needs. Two things to keep in mind are, how the new garment will work with items already in your wardrobe, and also the fit of the garment.

Purchasing solid colored items always works well with what you currently have. A new black belt and shoes would spruce up your already amazing look. Classic pieces like button down cardigans and layering pieces also work. Acquiring accessories is also a great way to add color and have fun with shopping.

By far, the most important aspect to shopping is the fit of the garment. The fit determines if the garment is right for you. You can take a pair of trousers found at Banana Republic and turn them into Gucci atelier with a trip to your tailor. Find a good tailor, all the great dressers in history had a personal tailor, so why not you? Who would not want clothes that accentuate your assets? Also, you have to know your body. Dress your body with clothes that are the most flattering for you. Having garments fit properly gives you a certain level of confidence that makes you feel good about yourself (If you are in the New York or Los Angeles areas, click over to Stitched Tailors for their tailoring services).

Building a wardrobe is a lifetime endeavor. It will constantly change as you evolve through different stages of life. Remember to keep it simple and be appropriate. Your wardrobe should always reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.

-Chavo Killingsworth

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