Friday, September 19, 2008

David Chu - Tumi

David Chu has managed to cleverly infuse a new level of sophistication into Tumi's once utilitarian look. Since entering as Executive Creative Director in 2007, he has turned Tumi into something quite, well, elegant. He combines 1920's and 1930's inspired looks with simplistic modern details, totally changing everything that was Tumi. "I wanted to make Tumi more glamorous and have more styles to it" said David Chu. While continuing in this stylish creative direction, Tumi has become a brand to give a second thought to when shopping for luxury luggage. While revamping Tumi, David Chu has also been busy with a new clothing line that mirrors his lifestyle. "I just turned 50", he says. "I travel a lot, I work out, my mind is active-it's a young mind and attitude, an aspirational lifestyle". Both Lincs DC and Bespoke are very different looks from Mr. Chu, but never the less the change is welcome.

At this point in David Chu's career he has little to prove. He has shown that his fashion designs can and will appeal to millions. He now adds Tumi to his list of success. -CK


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